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Anyone heard an old CAD C400 mic?

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I'm not familiar with that model. (But at least my response will bump your thread up where someone else might see it.)


I do have a CAD Equitek II dual-diaphragm multi-pattern large scale condenser and it's a real sweetie. Flat as Kansas but a tad more cosmopolitan.


(And I hear they're good for twin fiddles in the figure 8 position. But I've never had more than one fiddle on it. Sounded good, though. Not every mic's ready for violins and fiddles. A presence or hi bump in the wrong place will pin your ears back.)

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Dang! Finally, some one else with one of those things...


Here is a link from my cabinet in the -- CAD "C400S" Condenser Microphone


I bought mine for $125, on a GC clearance, 4 years ago. Hope you pay much less, by now.


Here's an 65 second MP3 where a male vocal comes in at 54 seconds using the C400S. He's right on the screen, about 3 inches from the diaphragm. Hope it's enough to make a decision...

Gread Box - Mac Sheen & The Attitude

The female vocal was on an AKG "2000B", if you're interested.


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Originally posted by bungelo:

I had a CAD Equitec E-100 when they first came out. Pretty transparent, but lacked any warth at all from what I remember. I thought it was best used on spoken word and ambient acoustic instruments.

I think that's the first version of the Equitec II and yeah, it's pretty transparent -- which, when you need it is really important. My clients (when I was still taking them) loved the thing but I ended up picking up a Rode NT-1 (before the price dropped to a third or so of its original price [sigh] ) for my own vocals (also works well with some acoustic guitars, although I like the CAD for classicals.)
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Thanks to AudioMaverick for the specs and info. For now I'm passing on the C400s because I'm really in the market for a stereo pair for classical recordings, and I already have some mics that seem to be equivalent in quality to the CADs. Obvioulsy I'd love to get some ribbons but the accounting department here has some other plans (like getting a new couch for the living room). Thanks again for the info.
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the c400 was a CAD mic made specifically for Guitar Center (that's what CAD told me about 4-5 years ago). I had a few for a while, and I liked them. Sonicly, they sound like an AT4033, just with a little less edge than the ATs are famous for, and a little less of a bottom end, making it a decent overhead mic or vocal mic. Certainly not the scooped out sound most low end condensers have to fool inexperienced ears. These have nice round mids. Bass guitars, large horns, or anything that required a smooth low end, not so much. Don't get me wrong, it has low end, just not as creamy as the AT. IMHO, they are worth about $250 each, but not much more, especially that the ATs are much further down in price than when the C400's were new.

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