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more than 2 HD in G4

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so i have reached the point where i need to add ANOTHER drive inside the G4. i have 2 drives in the ATA100 interface, and none on the ATA66 interface.


my PC only has ATA66 on it, and i havent had any HD speed issues doing work with DV (3.6meg/sec).


so i imagine that using the ATA66 on the G4 wouldnt lead to any speed issues, right(?)


arent these ide drives only capable of having about 18meg/sec anyway?


i use western digital 120gb drives (3 - one is firewire and floats between machines) i want to add another 120gb western digital.

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We've got 3 HDD internal in our dual 1Ghz G-4 QS, but only use the slower buss one for backup, for obvious reasons. We've had no troubles with this. The procedure is pretty simple, remove the screw holding the aluminum plate in place, pop out the front plactic slot cover, insert the drive, replace the place, hold the drive in place from the front while connecting power and ribbon cables. I din't even screw it into place, it's jsut sitting in the bay tray lose.


Remember to pin the drive for slave.

Hope this is helpful.


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Coaster, most IDE drives don't exceed 60MB/Sec., after clearing the 2MB/8MB cache. You will see smaller file lags. And, copying between two drives on the 66MHz bus will be obviously slower.


If you have a PCI slot open (and just under $100 free), you can add a PCI controller. Here's an example:

Tempo ATA133 PCI Host Adapter from Sonnet Technologies - on Buy.com


Hope this helps...


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