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Steve Jobs sent me a gift...kinda

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My birthday was earlier this week, and my uncle couldn't figure out what to get me. So he contacted Steve Jobs with this e-mail:


Dear Mr. Jobs,


I don't know why I am writing you as I know that you and your staff are probably too busy to spend any time on this and I apologize for asking but, I am hoping that you may be able to render some assistance in getting a birthday gift From Cupertino to Dallas for my nephew. My name is Bryan Ramsey and I have a soon to be 17 year old nephew named Allen. Allen is a complete Apple FREAK! He loves everything about the Mac platform and aspires to one day be either a "Cocoa Developer" or "studio musician" depending on whether or not he can make it in the music industry. I have handed down my G4 desktop and G3 "Pismo" Powerbook to him and he has an Apple Logo sticker on the back of the car his grandfather sold him last year. The boy is a true believer. I asked Allen what he wanted for his birthday and he replied "a new G5 or anything Apple related" so, I wanted to get him a black Apple hooded (hoodie) pullover sweatshirt, (size medium) with the Apple logo embroidered in silver on the front. I called the Apple Corporate Store at One Infinite Loop and the representative I spoke with agreed to sell me one however, they have no way of shipping to Dallas which brings me to my request... Would you be so kind as to have someone in your office or staff pick up the shirt from the corporate office and ship it to me here in Dallas?


I know it's a big hassle and I would not waist your time in asking but it would mean so much to Allen and I would love to give it to him at his birthday party on Friday, the 19th. I will be paying for the shirt via credit card and would be happy to send you or your office a check or PayPal as payment for the shipping costs. Once again I apologize for the request, but I have completely exhausted any other option. Thank you in advance for your time and attention!




Bryan Ramsey

Okay, so he exaggerated a little about the G5 thing, I would never ask for something like that for my birthday. He also left his address and other contact, that I won't post on here.


A few days roll by and my uncle got a message from Jobs.


Hello Bryan. Steve has passed along your request to me.


Please write to:




Attention: Karl Saito


Thank you for your patience and thank you for thinking of Apple.


Andrea Nordemann


Assistant to Steve Jobs

So yeah, they overnighted a FREE hoodie to me which I got just in time for my birthday. I thought that was pretty cool. Steve is a nice guy.
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