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AES...what was cool....Wireless to Dust Bunny

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After my tongue in cheek spam message, we ended up exactly next to Frontier...


Their wireless TRANZPORT HDR controller, I thought was one of the best new things at the show.


Merging Technologies, has a new AD/DA built for SACD on down, Paul du Gre', who uses Pyramix told me, he's replacing his Mietners with it, it's calles SPYYNX...


NUENDO 3 and SX 3...ROCK...


Hosa's buzz was the PWD series, AC jumpers, which are short IEC/NEMA (Edison) mated female plugs with a male edison, pigtail, eliminates the yards of 6 foot AC cables (weight, EMI, mess) in a rack. Second is the PWC 415, 425 and 450, longer lengths of the standard male edison to IEC power cable. For uses in live gigs, eliminates the short 6 or 8 foot IEC power cable, which comes stock with most powered monitors (way too short for using on a tripod).


Coolest moment for me, meeting John Fishbach and his comments about how surprised he was the first time he used Zaolla.


THE BEST....there was a three day run of little blue dust bunnies, turning around and around, in tight vortex formation, near the rear little boys room, that, would have been en excellent JPEG Avatar movie...



Label on the reverb, inside 1973 Ampeg G-212: "Folded Line Reverberation Unit" Manufactured by beautiful girls in Milton WIS. under controlled atmosphere conditions.
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