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What movie should I see Friday night???

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Yep. The Ray biopic looks pretty darn good. Might wait until next week though - a new multiscreen is opening right down the road from me.


Anyone seen advances on the Bobby Darin pic? Potential for a good story - in the right hands...

this house is empty now...
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I saw "Ray" at a preview screening a few weeks ago in Seattle. The producer/director talked about the film beforehand and dished out some interesting info tidbits:


It's an independent film. He was working with ray Charles to make this film for 15 or so years, and despite his track record (movies like "La Bamba"), never was able to get any studio interested in making it. He finally got a private investor/Ray charles fan to finance the whole production, and after it was made, got Universal to distribute it.


He also said he made Jamie Foxx wear prosthetics over his eyes and go blind for real during all of the filming, and the fact that Jamie Foxx has a piano degree and is from the south is what convinced the director that he was the right actor for the job.

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Originally posted by cwfno:

Debbie does Dallas 5.

They're up to 5 already? You'd think she'd move on to some other town. Debbie does San Antone. Nice ring!
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I smell an Oscar!!
Biopics almost never get Oscars, no matter how much the actor lives the character. "Monster" was an exception, and that was because Charlize performed the ultimate Hollywood sacrifice in making herself ugly. Nearly every year, somebody gives a breathtaking performance in a bio, and gets snubbed.
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I know you've probably already gone out (I hope), but my vote for best film in theaters right now is either Saw or Napoleon Dynamite.

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