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An idea for those releasing albums

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Using a word processor, start a compendium that goes behind the scenes of the album - if you wrote a journal during the process, include it in the compendium, along with an introduction, notes on the album, written material/miscellanea you haven't used, thank yous etc.


Then, if you have a word processor that exports to PDF ( www.openoffice.org ) - export it to PDF and have it available online for "fans", etc.


I'm doing this for mine and having a few copies printed (one for myself, best friend and mother) - and the PDF online for those interested.


I think it'd be a fun thing to look back on as well.

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Yup, I`ve been doing that now for over 2 years. I also have a documentary that could be purchased for an additional $5 - $10 for about 90 minutes.

(Still deciding on a price)


My album which will be released on 2/8/05 will have 10 songs on it and 10 minutes of enhanced CD for $10. More bang for the buck. Good songs, visual and audio entertainment.


A Website will be launced in January 2005. I`ll keep you all posted and will make the announcement when all ducks are lined up.

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