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I'm not sure what to do...

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I do not want this to become a political debate thread.


I was listening to BBC radio just minutes ago, it keeps me company... I recently decided to tackle my music project and go full ahead with it. It's taking some discipline. The topic on the radio was about Iraqi women dishonoring their families by either marrying the "wrong" guy, having a baby, sleeping with a guy, and whatnot. What moved me and hit hard was the fact that their families KILL them for what they view as dishonor. They'll kill the woman, they'll kill the woman's children, boyfriend or husband - their own brother or sister or father or.. anyone in their family - and when they are done, they feel honored.


It's fucking sickening, that... this has been going on, for probably thousands of years. I am beyond perplexed how this is their culture. It's horrible.


My point is, after listening to this (I couldn't just turn it off, it pulled me in for sure) - I'm asking myself, "what do I have to bitch about?" and now, I don't know... if I want to begin work on my CD. You might think "well then write something upbeat" - that's not what I'm interested in... I am in music to purge things and that's what my original intentions have been, for several years - whatever it has been in my life, that has been bothersome or painful. But... breakups, broken friendships, etc - don't even compare to what I was listening to.


I wish I could do something about it too... but it's their culture. I just don't know.

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It's f&*king terrible! This isn't isn't even confined to Iraq, it happens a lot in India and has even happened here in the UK!!!! There were reports on the BBC News website not too long ago about how the police force here are having to address this as a real problem in itself (as opposed to each case as and when it occurs). This is really scary, that it occurs often enough HERE as well that we are having to dedicate specific resources to deal with it!!!!


Some more info on the spread of this:

Europe tackles \'honour killings\'


Q&A: Honour killings explained


\'Honour killings\' to be reviewed

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Spouting views? Who the fuck would disagree with me that what is being done is horrible... I think you missed my point. Besides, I made it clear what I don't want this thread to become - I never thought or said that it won't or couldn't possibly become political.
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I agree, it is atrocious and disgusting. But I am forced to pose this question - those are other cultures. As odd, perplexing, disgusting and just plain WRONG as it seems to us, for those cultures, it is accepted, therefore, is it still "wrong" ?


Is it in fact wrong? Or is it only wrong within the context of our accepted world view? (or more specifically, would the United States, or any other culture for that matter, have a right to intervene via stomping in there with military might to topple a culture, so that we can instill our culture only because we believe it is right? What killing is more wrong? Culturally accepted killing of ones own people, or killing of another culture in the name of what our culture believes is right? Is that imperialism even though, rather than wanting their gold, oil or riches, all we want is for more of the world to be just like us?)


Is it any worse for us to persecute a culture elsewhere in the world because it is so far removed from our own, than it is for us to persecute gays and lesbians (or any minority) at home? Diversity should be celebrated on a global scale, with no lines to determine just how diverse we'll allow others to be before we arbitrarilly determine it's within our rights to destroy them.


Just a philosophical question. I agree it's disgusting, but that is because I share values with this culture.. But I can't help but feel to a certain extent, that it's just as wrong for anybody outside that culture to feel it's within their rights to do something about it.


Then again there's the whole concept of the "world community" which I don't necessarilly disagree with.



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There isn't any reason that this needs to be a political debate. From what I've learned about the practice, it isn't condoned by any religion, so it's purely a cultural thing, and not exactly a nice one either. I read about a situation where a father killed his daughter because she "dishonored" the family by dressing like a westerner and dating a christian boy. The father then attempted suicide, then, failing, asked the judge to confer a death penalty. He knew damned well what he did was wrong. No politics here. I'm not even sure that it's considered acceptable practice in the originating countries. Certainly, it wouldn't be considered acceptable in civilized countries, regardless of the predominating religion.
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