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AE Is Auctioning His Mixing Services On Ebay

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1) Why doesn't "THE MAN" list his name? I don't understand what kind of contractual agreement would prevent him from saying who he is. (Knowing who he is would help insure that the auction is real, that whoever this is is actually who they say they are).


2) Why would he want to do this? It's not a lot of money for someone with that kind of track record.

Dooby Dooby Doo
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No way I'd recommend that without knowing who it was that was going to do the mix.


I'm with our favorite cat - I can't see what sort of contractual obligation would prevent the person from listing their name... unless they were under some sort of a silly contract that excludes them doing work outside of the studio they work for or a label or something - not evry likely.


WHY would someone do this? Apparently, they need the work - credits or no credits. :freak:

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