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Is this theft?

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One thing I like to do is to buy old vinyl LP's of classical music at the thrift store. Reason being that they are only 50 cents, and I buy work I'm not familiar with. If I like it, I'll consider getting a CD. If not, I'm only out 50 cents. And if the LP is in good enough shape and hard to find(and never re-issued on CD), I'll keep it as a collectable.


Recently, I purchased an old Angel records LP of Janacek's "Sinfonietta". Once I put it on, I was struck by how familiar the music was. But I could swear I never heard this particular work before.


Then it hit me! I quickly dug out my CD of Emerson, Lake and Palmer's first album.


And there it was! No, NOT Janacek's "Sinfonietta", for many are aware of Emerson adapting the works of Copeland and Ginastera(and giving them billing). But it was the song on the album, "Knife-Edge". That song is so much a rework of Janacek's piece(movement 1, allegretto), it's almost plagarism! Especially since "songwriting" credit is given to Emerson, Lake and someone named Fraser.


I would have felt better if Emerson and Co. at least gave mention to Janacek as provaracator, but the label tells me they settled for taking all the credit.


Is that theft? Or merely poor ethics?



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