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OT - I watched "The Godfather" again last night...

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... and once again I'm struck by how many lessons there are to be learned from that film. Here are my top five:


5. If you need a driver/bodyguard, don't use someone named "Fredo."


4. A man who doesn't spend time with his family can never truly be a man.


3. Sometimes there are offers you can't refuse.


2. Whoever brings you "the deal" is the traitor.


1. You should leave the gun, but take the cannollis.

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My favorite movie! I actually like II even better than I, but that's open for discussion. Pt III is just a mess. Seems like one of these is somewhere on cable every week and I usually end up watching it.


Have you ever noticed the oranges in "The Godfather"? There are oranges everywhere. I can't remember them all, but look for them in all 3 movies.


At Connie's wedding, Tessio has an orange.


When Vito is gunned down, he's buying oranges, and more oranges spill out in the street when he collapses.


There are oranges on the table during the meeting of the Five Families.


Vito is eating an orange before he dies.


Don Fanucci takes an orange from a street cart.


Johnny Ola brings Michael an orange from Hyman Roth.


There are oranges on the table during the helicopter "drive-by" in Pt III.


Michael drops an orange at the end of Pt III.

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"The Godfather", along with "Star Wars" and "Toy Story" to name a couple, is one of the few films that has a sequel that is as good (or arguably better) than the original. While I admit that Godfather II is a more ambitious and probably overall slightly superior film, I personally like Godfather One a little more than II.
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