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Originally posted by juliejill:

What does comping pattern or comping groove mean?

Juliejill, that's when a whole bunch of us set up our tents in a specific pattern at the comping grounds. :D


Seriously, someone else here will have a better explanation, but I think it has to do with setting up patterns to compensate for the different instruments. Say, for example, that the piano and guitar are playing the same part, I think the comping pattern will tell what and when each instrument will play so they don't 'step on each others toes' so to speak. (now that I've read my answer, I see that I don't really have a clear idea of what comping is.)



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Actually, Robert the Bob's answer is pretty much on the money. A comp is simply a rhythm/chord/grace note pattern done by most of the instruments in a band, to provide a canvas for the lead or solo instrument to "paint" on.

Gas will completely agree with this, listen to later Steely Dan recordings, you'll hear up to five guitars going at once, yet each is doing a separate comp pattern and they're not stepping all over each other, not to mention at least two keyboard parts and a big horn section (I sure wish me an' my guitarist could lean that way a bit more... :( ).

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"Comping" is just short-speak for accompanying or accompaniment. "Comping" implies a music style wherein even the accompaniment is somewhat improvised, although standard changes for a given tune are usually followed to a fair extent.

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hey jilly jill...

I did'nt have time to read the othre posts as there were just too many, but I'd like to add my two bits worth.

Comping is the act of biting down savagly to rend and tear mouthfuls of food. Suche as:"COMPING on an apple. or comping on some steak.. mmm, goode.

I was comping down on some pastry not too long ago.

One can sink his teeth into a piece of music so you could say I comped that jam man..


So comping is ow the really ep cats say ello to eac ottre while playing.

I ope all is more clear for you.


tanks for letting me sare

te end

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