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Finally went digital SLR....

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Yep, after years of holding out with my Olympus OM2 35mm film setup, I gave in and updated to an Olympus E1 digital SLR plus a set of "digital" lenses for it. It's a fantastic camera - I love it! :thu:


I have taken hundreds of shots with it already, but discarded most of them. I have put a few of the better ones up on one of my websites:


Dave The Rave\'s Photo Gallery


Comments welcome - go easy on me guys, I only just got this thing! :)




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I, too, have been shooting with a similar setup for several years; and as well, I've been eyeing the E1, especially after getting an hour-long demo of it at a local shop.

As far as the lenses go, there's no need for quotes around "digital". The lenses are crafted on the design of the imaging chip, and specifically for the parameters of that chip; they don't have to make the same type of error corrections that analogue lenses do.

I've upped my standards; now, up yours.
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Yeah, nice cameras. That's a move I'll have to make in the near future too, if not that camera, a similar camer. Nothing better, IMHO, than an SLR for taking good pics.


Looks like you're getting to know your new one pretty quickly.


By the way, nice stone work. :thu:


Our Joint


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Nice shots, Dave! I'm really eyeing the Nikon D-70 myself, to replace my FM-2 and F-4. Unfortunately that will require updating my computer, which would require updating my Opcode studio, which would require $$$, maybe if Tedster only gets $10,000 or so towards his jet, he'll give up and just give it to me so I can upgrade. ;)


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Hey Dave....how the hell did you manage top take a picture of my cat???!!! :eek:


That tiger tabby...that's one of my cats...almost down to the whiskers...

...except mineshe has a mixture of black and white whiskers...but the markings, and that slight orange shadingis almost identical!!! :cool:


I also love that big fat gray and white onelooks like a nice mellow cat. :thu:

My other one is an all black fat-cathes really cool too!

miroslav - miroslavmusic.com


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It's a fantastic camera - I love it!


It is a fantastic camera! That picture of the moon tells it all. I own 2 astronomical telescopes, a TASCO reflector type and also a refractor type. Are there any adapters to link these up to the E1???


I'm assuming that you have true "through the lens" viewing on the E1. That would enable me to take breathtaking astronomical photos.


I was looking on Ebay to get an idea of the price. I saw everything from $1600 up to $2500 with a few lens and accessories.




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I have too many 35mm camera bodies to just give them up. But digital SLR is the only digital I'd consider. Although a many years Canon user, the Olympus digital is often heard about as one of the best.



I started out with NOTHING...and I still have most of it left!
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