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Moving Upright Piano Across Country

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I need move my Yamaha upright to our new home in North Carolina.  Does anyone have any helpful advice on picking moving companies, getting it there in good condition, etc.?



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Yes I’ve had to do this.  I ultimately chose to have a piano mover do the job, only because mine requires the legs to come off and to be tilted on its side and reassembled.   However, many moving companies will tell you if they move pianos - just ask when you book it.  Since yours is an upright, it’s much simpler.  They just need to pack it properly with moving blankets to protect the finish and put it up on a dolly to roll to the truck and into your new place.  Just let them know ahead of time - and you may want to be around to watch that they take care with it.  

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I wonder whether the cost of moving the piano would exceed the cost of buying a piano in North Carolina.


My impression is that upright pianos - particularly used ones - are readily available nowadays for great prices.  It's not unusual for me to see owners virtually give away upright pianos, just to avoid the cost of moving them out of their homes.   But I live in NY, and I guess the piano market could be vastly different in North Carolina.

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The upright will be much easier than moving a grand...which would be pretty expensive. Another forum member (I think it was Tom Williams) had a thread a few months ago about how he bought a grand piano a few states away and figured out how to move it himself with some friends, to save the expense of paying professional piano movers.


As mentioned above, you probably don't need to pay separately to have the piano moved...presumably you have movers for your other furniture and this can travel along with it, so long as it's well padded. The moving company might add a bit of $$ to the bill as it would likely be the heaviest thing they are moving, though I suspect paying a professional piano mover from NY to NC would run into the $1000+ range. I recently paid to have two pianos moved locally by our best piano mover and the total cost to pick up a grand piano in one location, move to my house, take my upright to another location ran $800. I think it was $500 to move the grand and $300 for the upright.


As for your question about whether it would be better to just buy a piano in NC, that really depends on how much you like your current Yamaha and if it has any sentimental value. The market is pretty soft on used pianos in general (other than at dealers). Selling them on the second hand market is tough and dealers will offer pennies on the dollar unless it is something rare or unique.

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IDK I see used Yamaha studio uprights going for $3-5K. If you've got a piano you bond with, you should take it with you.


When selecting a mover quiz them about the piano. Ask them for specifics about how they will pack it. When I moved my B3 x-country, I bought a set of RoK's myself and used real mover's furny pads (not the U-haul and Harbor Freight crap) so all they had to do was roll it on the trailer, and tie it down. If the mover doesn't have a piano specific dolly, maybe offer to buy one and sell it back to them for 1/2 price, if you think you'd have no further use for it.

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