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Nasty little dark patterns.

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As some of you know, I’ve spent the bulk of my adult life as a user experience designer. I’ve argued with CEOs and lesser devils about why caring about their customer’s experience using their product or service is important and even profitable.


In this field, there is a concept of a “dark pattern”. It refers to something designed to do something you didn’t intend to do. We have cute names for all of them, but all dark patterns are intentional and full of malice and disregard for others.


Fender. Oh Fender.


Fender outsources their social media interactions with multiple vendors. And one of their vendors is using the darkest dark pattern I’ve seen in a long time.


Look at the two attached photos and tell me which one you think would let Fender know you do NOT want your information sold.


I think I may have posted about this before…anyone have a contact at Fender?



"For instance" is not proof.


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I think the second one is the one that rejects cookies. I'm looking at the option that follows the question immediately. If that's the case, then "Do not sell my personal information" is superfluous and misleading. It looks like it might be boilerplate that got stuck in a stupid position.


But maybe not, and they're trying to put one over on us. Who knows?

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