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I saw the Pixies tonight

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Good show overall - very true to the original sound. As usual live, some songs lacked some of the emotion captured in the studio takes. The band also made a suprising amount of mistakes and didn't play very tightly together. Also a lot of timing drift. BUT, it was the Pixies, and it was awesome to see some the songs that I've respected, loved, and been influenced by, in their raw form. There were a couple times that I almost got that tingly feeling. Recommended.
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I haven't seen them on the current tour but I did catch them at the Moore theater here in Seattle (that's the theater in Pearl Jam's "Evenflow" vid) on the "Doolittle" tour and it was absolutely the best damn show I have ever seen. Well that and the Fixx at the Paramount in '85. OK that the Fixx and Trashcan Sinatra's in '94 at the Backstage... OK it was one of the best shows I have seen. :)

Tighter than skin and moshing was still cool they made that entire theater sweat from the energy. They had to start over on one song and Black Francis (Frank B now) had a few choice words with Kim Deal part way through the show but they held it together and blew the doors off that popsicle stand.

Check 'em out if you can. I don't think I will. I don't expect anything to be better than that.

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