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Welcome home Kyle & Ratzy.

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Glad to hear you got home safely after that long trek. Hope you had a great time while seeing all the huge expanse of country you went through.

You'll have to regale us with the stories you've accumulated, once you've had a chance to stand down for a bit.



Our Joint


"When you come slam bang up against trouble, it never looks half as bad if you face up to it." The Duke...

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Hi Dak !

Thanks for the welcome back - we sure were out a long time...ever since the LeeFlier LA Gig/Phil Riverside BBQ.


Ratsy has exiled me to my studio for a little bit - too much of a good thing she said with all the small hotel rooms and riding across the country in an F150...hehe I might be in a Best Western again tonight who knows :D


I can tell ya it's great sittin in the studio, sippin an ice cold beer (thanks WOW), listening to some fine music on a nice system again - a month on PC speakers is just cruel & unnatural punishment !


I can't get to the USPS till Tuesday though so I can't pick up you CD yet - darn it, I've got the other one though, great inspiration carried cross country !


Take Care, time for a nice long nap :wave:

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