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Holy Crap!! Which way is the wind gonna blow??

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Well, they're predicting 40-50 mph winds and possible tornadoes here in Gilchrist county (West of Gainesville FL).


That's a littly scary :eek:


When i look at the TV pictures all I see is this spiral thingy--I can't tell which direction it is spinning :mad:


I've had a few beers today, otherwise i could prolly figure this out :(


If the winds are gonna be blowing to the north, I don't need to move my truck or worry about my windows... :rolleyes:


If they're blowing the other way, that's another story... Sure wish I had some plywood... :(


:mad: I wish I lived in California where all i would have to worry about would be earthquakes and Republican lackey movie star politicians... :mad:

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Having lived in both places, I can tell you that there's one big advantage to FL's natural disasters - you usually have plenty of advance warning. You don't get that with quakes.


My best wishes and prayers go out to all of you who are in the Sunshine State right now - stay safe! I hope this 'cane doesn't do too much damange. :(

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Don't look at the satellite pictures...the winds will actually be spinning in the OPPOSITE direction you see on the satellite...sort of. Let me try to explain (I've had a beer or two as well)...


A hurricane is a warm-core cyclone, meaning it is capped by HIGH pressure aloft. The low-level winds are spinning CYCLONICALLY (counter-clockwise)...but outflow aloft is ANTI-cyclonic (clockwise). So, whatever direction you see the outflow on the satellite pic, the winds will be in the opposite direction on the surface. Or, look near the eyewall to get an accurate wind picture.

"Cisco Kid, was a friend of mine"
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