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You've created some really interesting stuff here. A lot of the synth textures are really cool.


Unfortunately, I can't REALLY tell you what I think because I've only heard very short snips of the music.

Probably the best thing I can tell you is that on nearly all of the songs, after hearing the little music samples, I found myself wanting to hear the rest of the song. So, I think you could take that as a positive....I certainly would. There is also a lot of diversity here, without becoming too diverse. I like that as well.


Right off the bat -and having heard some of your other tunes-, I can tell that vocals are not going to be the greatest strength here....and I think you know that.

I do however feel that you used your vocal effects to your advantage.


Sometimes people go overboard on the vocal effects.

On some of your tunes, the effects are really heavy, but even so, they sounded like they were used effectively, and worked well within the song.

On a couple of tunes, the effects obscured the vocals a little too much.


That's a difficult balance there, because sometimes it sounds great, and sometimes it doesn't.


In general though, if an A&R guy for a record company heard your stuff, the first thing I think he would do is look for a stronger vocalist. And, on the 'Grey men', or 'Lord of all' tracks, I could understand him doing that.

But on the track 'The Peace', I liked the vocal just fine.


This, of course, is all based upon what I've had a chance to hear.


I honestly thought more people would respond to this thread. And I was waiting to see what sort of replys you got before I responded. But, maybe everyone was waiting to see what *I* thought, before they responded......since I'm so wise and such a respected influence on everyone else around here. :cool:


Good luck with your tunes, Dan. I'll look forward to hearing more of your stuff in the future.


And now, I really need to sit down and write a CD review of our buddy LanceMo's 'Doublelight' disk. :idea:

Super 8


Hear my stuff here


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Thank you Super8 for some very constructive criticism ! This CD is ALMOST finished, but I'm still tweaking.


And yes Rog I have already been ripped for my music before. Ever hear "Shake ya tail fetha" by PDiddy? Also there have been over 200,000 downloads of songs from my first CD.





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