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1st timer - Where can I find backup tracks?

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Is there a place that makes the backup tracks for popular songs that I could play guitar and sing with (not talking about Karaoke CDG's)


For instance, I go to the restaurant and there is a guy there playing guitar and signing but he has full back up drums, bass, keys and backup vocals.


Does someone create those for sale, or does every entertainer do that for him/herself? :wave:

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You can either:


1) Download MIDI files and mute the lead.


2) Buy a program like Jammer or Band-In-A-Box (www.pgmusic.com) that will generate a "backing band"


(The cheesy GeneralMIDI sounds of most cheap computer soundcards can be replaced using large soundfonts or sampler VSTi's.)


3) Learn to play every instrument and record it with a sequencer




4) Get some other musical friends and form a band.


If all you need is drum accompaniment you can use a program that handles loops like Sonar or ACID along with drum loops and instrument samples from companies like eastwest.com, but otherwise you're going to be looking at one of the suggestions above...

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