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Good environmental news regarding Tyres

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Last night I watched a science segement on TV about an aussie scientist who has developed a prototype factory to de-construct tyres.


he has developed a self sustaining system (i.e. generates it's own power by reusing the energy retrieved from the tyres) using microwaves to break down the tyre to it's original components. He is getting around 14 different products including - Lube oil - jet fuel - diesel and light diesel - steel and various minerals etc. He is currently earning $3.00 per tyre after costs.


He is about to build a full version and claims that two plants operating in each US state could be operating fulltime.


Sounds like a great idea as car and truck tyres are an environmental nightmare. :)




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well that's the sort of development that makes our crazy environmental destruction habits seem not so insurmountable.


I've been buying some relatively crude recycled tire products lately such as my new doormat.


I hope this guy does get a bunch of these plants operating in the U.S.

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Wow! What a concept! :thu:


I don't remember where, but sometime in the past decade there was an absolutely enormous tire-pile fire at a tire graveyard. In addition to this being a large bonfire of toxice fumes, it was also a petroleum fire, making it virtually unstoppable. They had to let it burn out over several days while protecting the perimeter from starting fires on the adjoining land.


In fact, just two weeks ago there was a fire at the Gresham tire plant in Oregon that took 12 hours to put out. That one burned raw rubber and a train car of new tires, however.

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