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Sony Always shoots itself in the foot!

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Originally posted by Bejeeber:

It only plays songs encoded in the company's own ATRAC 3 format???!!!


Yeah, seems DUMB.



In the words of Jerry Sinefeld: :Stupid!, stupid!, stupid"!!!!



Jesus Is Coming, Make Music, Get Ready!

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It's like "We'll play on YOUR playing field, but only if we play by OUR rules."


It does seem like a pretty dumb move considering the installed base of MP3 and AAC users and music libraries. Who wants to convert their 20G library so they can use a player with a color screen? Show of hands?

Lynn Fuston

3D Audio Inc

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As a manufacturer, it's always smart to step back from yourself and not let ego get in the way of actually making money.


You can't imagine how much cooler the music/audio products you use today could be if more things like the ratification of the MIDI spec had happened over the last 25 years. Instead, the entire reason for the proprietary interfaces, plug-in formats and the cottage industry of converter tools is that nobody wanted to implement someone else's technology over their own.


See "NIH"... (not invented here).


- Jeff

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