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Selecting an Audio (+MIDI) Interface in 2023

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I've seen some input in searches but looking for more current feedback on an audio interface purchase for a new M1 MacBook Pro (2021 model 16GB memory).

My old interface is a Steinberg UR22 - old being the operative word.  Not Thunderbolt or USB3... and haven't been active/using it for some years.

My needs are meager - simple songwriting connectivity - 2x I/O

I've come across several brands/models that are both audio+MIDI interfaces.  Any compromises going the all in one route?


So far the short list is Universal Audio Volt 2/76 - or SSL 2+ (or 12) - cost isn't a worry though probably not looking at the really high end to start.

I gravitate towards these just because the *sound* is the #1 criteria for me.  (Hoping the name brand delivers more than a name sticker)

Any kind of extra processing for warm analog sound - or big open tone is a bonus.  If the unit can do internal processing (vs plug in) also a bonus.

Bundled plug ins - big bonus but my M1 MacBook Pro is a bit of a weakling on RAM.

I'll be using Logic Pro if that makes a difference.


Thanks in advance for your feedback!

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Thanks - I just decided to go for the SSL2+ - plenty of good feedback out there on it (and advice to not lean on the 4K button too much, haha).  To top it off I found it brand new online for $199 - so less than I was prepared for!



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I have an SSL 2+, it is excellent. I would only use the 4k switch sometimes for the lead vocal, it will make it "pop out" from the mix. 


FWIW, I'm currently using a MOTO M6 because I wanted a few more inputs and it has 4 mic preamps and 2 line inputs. Everything is XLR or phone jacks, no RCA jacks like the SSL 2+. It does have old school MIDI 5 pin in and  out and runs on USB 3. The form factor is very compact, smaller overall than the SSL and flat on the top so I can put my Tech 21 Q-Strip on it - that's an essential part of my bass tone. 

I'll probably keep both, they are both excellent. 

It took a chunk of my life to get here and I am still not sure where "here" is.
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