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OT - TV reception

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This is amazing. I complained about HORRIBLE tv reception awhile back. No cable. Radio Shack rabbit ear thingy. Finally figured out it's powered, plugged it in and it improved. But it was still very poor. You could barely tell who was on the screen.


Cold front came through. Past week, temps ten degrees lower. Instead of 95, it's 85. Lower humidity.


I thought bro got cable. The picture is crystal clear. I wonder how that works? Denser air or something? No clouds lately. Whatever that does.

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Used to be, for cable to broadcast regular(over the air) stations, they placed their antenna in the optimum spot and rebroadcast to you, greatly amplified of course. Cable companies now probably have a direct feed from the station. Kcbass

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Television antennas need to point to the transmitter(s). Try rotating it around a bit.


Humidity variations do cause different footprint patterns from the transmitter. Being near the fringes may cause you inconsistent results.


AM "skip" is also caused by temperature and humidity.

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