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Classic Analog String Ensemble Synthesizer with 49-Voice Polyphony, BBD Chorus Ensemble, Vintage Phase Shifter and Eurorack Format




Stop chasing tones and start recreating those iconic sounds from the ‘70s yourself with the new SolinaString Ensemble from Behringer!

The Solina String Ensemble is a classic analog String Ensemble synthesizer with 49-tone polyphony, BBD chorus ensemble, vintage phase shifter in Eurorack format.

• Authentic reproduction of original ARP/Eminent Solina MK II* circuitry

• Legendary chorus ensemble effect featuring multi-stage Bucket Brigade Devices (BBDs) for rich and lively sounds

• Authentic and classic phase shifter modeled after Small Stone*

• String section featuring violin, viola, trumpet, horn, cello and contrabass instruments

Shine on and become a legend in your own right by grabbing a Solina String Ensemble today!

For more information please visit: https://www.behringer.com/product.html?modelCode=P0DRQ

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