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Publishers buying songs

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I have heard of this but if anyone has any real scoop...


Where a songwriter is needing money and "sells" some songs. I don't mean like the horror stories of years past where somebody would essentially steal them. I mean real business deals. Where the songwriter offers to sell and takes offers to buy.


What I want to know is does anyone have any knowledge of examples of how much money. And if the publisher buys them outright, lock stock and barrel and the songwriter has nothing left or if the songwriter retains some kinds of rights.


BTW, I recall that Fred Eaglesmith did this. I don't know him or I'd ask him. ;)

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Yes. I worked with someone in Philadelphia who did this. It was all rap/R&B stuff he did. He would make up the tune and then hire a singer and/or rapper to record the vocals. Once he had a few songs together he would put them forward to publishers who would then pass them on to some of the 'top artists.'


I don't know exact figures, but he was paid significantly more, thousands more, if he was entirely removed from the loop - no credit, no rights, just a lot of money.


Of course this explains why so many of the pop acts have songwriting credits when you are sure they had nothing to do with it - the credits are bought.

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