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Soundscape SSHDR1 Queries

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I have an old Soundscape SSHDR1 System that has just been resurected and I have a few questions!


1) I want to use another PC than the original as a host. Martin Walker (at Sound On Sound)sugegsted that I didnt need to use an ISA slot but could use a parallel connection. This was for a review of the new RED system and I wondered if this was possible with the SSHDR1? If so how!?


2) The software has never been updated. It's still version 2.01 . Can I get a software update to bring this old machine back up to a more singing and more dancing DAW?? If so where from?! (Hasnt the company cahanged hands a few times)


3) If indeed I can run it through a parallel connection, and maybe even with updated software, can I run on Windows XP. Originally it would only work on 95 or NT. And if not, could I run a dual boot of 95 and XP on this machine reasonable simply?


Thanks a lot, any responses will be most welcome.


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Um... this is one of those garage challenges, huh?


I don't recall folks holding the sound of those units in, shall we say, high regard.


If the object isn't simply the challenge of doing it, wouldn't it be more effective and undoubtedly much less frustrating to get a new inexpensive 24 bit capable multi-channel card for a couple hundred clams rather than spending all this time (and you know it'll cost you money somehow) on a perhaps-beyond Quixotic quest like this one?

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