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Originally posted by Jeff Da Weasel:

You know, cassarole can be one of those dishes that can be actually good, but some people seem to develop an aversion to it based on those odd and somehow influential moments of when you were in, like, 6th grade, and you sent over to your new friend's house where you hadn't been before, and the Mom turns out to be this morbidly obese woman, and you mostly have fun during the day while you're outside, maybe shooting baskets or playing some games on the Atari 2600, but then you get called in for dinner and it turns out the whole family is kinda spooky and ugly and they're all staring at you and then the Mom, who of course is the weirdest one of the lot, takes this big serving spoon (which, upon reflection, may have had a look of uncleanliness to it before it was implemented) and places a huge steaming pile of cassarole on your plate that distinctly looks as if it's been pre-digested, and then before you know it, the whole family is sucking food into their faces with a sound comparable to porcine vacuum cleaners, and a couple of big horseflies are lazily circling the green formica table, and you think you're going to jump up and run away screaming, even if it means diving through the sliding glass door, and it's RIGHT THERE at that point that the Mom starts asking you why you're not eating.


But yeah, cassarole can be good, sometimes.


- Jeff

:D I actually got tense reading that. The almost exact same thing happened to me but I repressed it until this very moment.
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This week I went on a business trip to St. George, Utah. I got to tour the Hurricane mesa test facility, it overlooks Hurrican UT on one side and Zion Nat'l Park on the other. The top of the mesa has a 2,000-ft test track attached to bedrock, and in the old days (before ejection seats could be used at ground level) a test sled would rocket towards the end of the track, then eject a seat or pod which then flew over the end of the mesa and either opened a parachute... or not. In their junkyard were the sleds that mimiced F-16s, F-15s, B-1s, something called an F-103 (of which I'm totally unfamiliar), F-4s, etc. We also saw the sled that, according to our guide, flung the twin-engined aircraft that flung "Jaws" to his death in the James Bond flick "Octopussy". He said the single motor still running was actually enough to keep the aircraft airborne, it flew around the mesa (pilotless) and there was a very tense few days before they found the wreckage (the crash you see in the movie was actually done with a model airplane). There's also a scene in the movie where Mr. Bond catches an amply-endowed leading lady on that same ledge; our guide said the scene was shot several times as her boobage bounced rather enticingly when she reached the end of her safety cable. I need to rent this movie again, to see if I can recognize the ledges.

They've also got three dorm trailers build on the very edge, I had a little trouble getting into them, quite the view once you're inside though.


Damn I love my job! :thu:


"Eccentric language often is symptomatic of peculiar thinking" - George Will


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