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On Topic! Propellerheads Interview... (AKA Member Spam)

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I know I know... more spam from me about stuff I'm doing. But hey, this is on topic! :)


DJ Drunken Master dishes with writer Marsha Vdovin over at the Propellerheads site about Reason, music and more...


Propellerheads Software is now on its third month of stellar Reason user interviews over at http://www.propellerheads.se and Im excited to say that Augusts installment features yours truly. Author and media maven Marsha Vdovins interview covers everything you ever wanted to know (and perhaps a little more) about my music, techniques, approaches etc.


Included in the interview is in-depth track analysis of the DJDM songs Here Be Tigers (featured in The Matrix Revolutions DVD release) and Mr. Pieces (as heard in the National Geo special The Blue Realm: Miracle Venom). Marsha and I also discuss We Have Begun Our Descent, Chopper Pumps, Selena Walks and get into a little history about my musical roots in computer based audio.


If youre a Reason user, be sure to check out the Reason files for download and examination as well as the links to the mp3 examples.


Full article: http://www.propellerheads.se//news/articles/index.cfm?fuseaction=djdm


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Originally posted by Kcbass:

I don't know any famous people. Let's ride this till the wheels fall off. Kcbass

Well at the rate bunny has us partying they may come off sooner than later!


Thanks urk10.


And bunny? Do you have a license to hold that rave in your reply? :P

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Originally posted by AKA:

Congratulations DJDM, its very cool to be recognized in that way.


Nice sound and arrangement on Selena Walks.


I couldnt hear Here Be Tigers though, I got a windows media player error.

Thanks AKA. The files are Weed files which do not work on Mac and if you have an older wma player of some sort you need a more current version.

There is more about that here: Weed Info

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Originally posted by AKA:

Yeah, Im on a Mac thats why it didnt come up.

No worries. Ola over at the Props site just put up the .rps files up so you can really dissect the songs "Mr. Pieces" and "Here Be Tigers" in detail without having to worry about the Weed DRM or Mac compatibility issues. :)
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