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who/what is your biggest creative influence?

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This answer doesn't have to be music related. It can be anybody or anything. For me it's David Lynch. It's not just his art (Twin Peaks, Eraserhead, Blue Velvet), but it's his view on creativity that is just so unique. Reading some of his interviews are just so inspiring and hearing stories for people who have worked with him just blows me away. So who or what do you consider your biggest influence?
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I`m inspired by my son who is turning two next week. Seeing him grow up everyday and develope into his own is very magical. I`m also inspired by my wife and others who are in my life. I also get alot of inspiration from a "good" movie. I don`t get inspired by just one person but if I had to choose one that did it for me more than others, hands down my son is it.



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