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Medeski Martin & Wood-Great live show

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I know this is no secret to their fans...But, I just saw Medeski Martin & Wood in one of the best live shows I have seen in the last couple of years. (I think Bill Laswell's Tabla Beat Science is the most recent one this good)


I've enjoyed the recordings I have of them but live they take it to another level. They are excellent improvisors and go all the way out there, yet they still always find the groove back home.


Medeski played piano, electric piano, clavinet, moog and mellotron almost as much as B-3 organ so they brought out a lot more tonal colors than I expected. He has a great sense of rhythmic propulsion a la Billy Payne of Little Feat. The other guys are no slouches either.


They cover much of the range of funk-soul-jazz of the mid 60s to mid 70s. I heard elements of Ramsey Lewis, Hancock, Jimmy Smith, Brain Auger, Sun Ra, Miles etc. as well as an influence from DJ culture-acid jazz, nu groove, breakbeat, downtemp whatever.


Go see them when you get the chance.


If you like them, what are your favorite albums? I sure wish they had a live DVD out.

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'uninvisible' is my favorite studio effort.


MMW just can't be beat live. they are the best thing out there imho. they push the boundaries every night,


it's hard to reinvent yourself over and over, but they sound fresh every time i see them. the elements don't change, but they have intense creative energy.

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Saw 'em up in Truckee a few weeks ago and they did indeed kick ass. Love the Moog tweaking! Also some tasting full arm bashing on the Hammond lower manual while ripping right hand licks above - just beautiful! Thanks for the reminder...
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