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Cool gear find

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Recently, I traded a couple of pieces of gear at a local store for some mics on behalf of the local Baha'i center; I also took a couple things I had laying around. One of the mics I found there was an Audix f12 - part of their Fusion series of drum mics (specifically a kick mic); being a fan of Audix mics, I decided to take it home.


Last night I did FOH at a concert in Marietta Square, and got a chance to check it out. This thing rawks! Basically, I stuck it in the hole in the front head & brought up the gain, and the sound was 98% there. I did back it out of the kick a tad - it was completely inside & I got tons of attack, but for an oldies act it was too much, so I pulled it out about 1/3 of the way - and I boosted the bass a small bit, to push the subs a bit more, but that was all.


Of course there are the variables of the drum & the PA itself, but I am very impressed with this mic - and since I got it secondhand for about $65, all I can say is...


:thu:SCORE! :thu:

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