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GRRR! Email's suddenly not working

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OS X Mail, running as a POP3 through my web server. Web site is fine. It's just Mail. Not sending, not receiving. And I have no idea why. It was fine through last night.


The worst part is that it shows it's sending when it's not. I didn't change anything on my end. But it's claiming no new messages on the server when I've sent from outside accounts (and others have sent me tests).


I do a big chunk of my business via email. Now I'm screwed. Any ideas?


- Jeff

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Get your butt up here and I'll swim with you... we'll see who has the better swimmers. And I've got 10 years on you. :P


Seriously, you guys not only have some good swimmers, but some excellent surfers too. I've always respected your country in that regard. :thu:


But when was the last time an Aussie won seven gold medals and set seven world's records in the process? Oh yeah, that's right - an Aussie never did that - but an American (and native of California) named Mark Spitz did. :P;):D

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Ahhh well you obviously haven't heard of Ian Thorpe:


5 Olympic medals (3 Gold, 2 silver - only been to one Olympics so far)


18 world records.


And he's 21 years old ;)


Make sure you watch him in Athens :thu:

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