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The cover art, or the music?


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I'm getting ready to start Christmas shopping and am thinking about buying an LP for my great nephew. I'm thinking maybe Led Zeppelin this year. But the dilemma, do I buy him my favorite musical album, or my favorite album cover? Now I realize that first reaction is music first, but seriously, the entire catalog is available for download onto his phone. The artwork of LZ3 with the wheel that spins to change some of the pictures is something I remember from childhood. But that leads to another question, does the new release have that spinning wheel like the original? It is hard to tell by the pictures.


What other covers are your favorite? The original Santana album with the lion head dress is another I really like, and I gave it to him.

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I wouldn’t know where to begin… 

14 minutes ago, RABid said:

What other covers are your favorite?


So many!    🤔 

I honestly don’t know where to begin.  Not sure I could even pick a top five…:puff:


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