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Awesome Synths, Sushi, and now this...

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Flood victims benefit from mystery lottery winner

An anonymous benefactor has sent a winning lottery ticket worth 200 million yen ($A2,600,000) to a local government in central Japan to help disaster victims of heavy rain, the local governor said.


The ticket, confirmed by authorities to be a real winner, came with a letter from the nameless donor.


"If this can help even a little those who have met with unhappiness and disaster, I would be very happy," the writer said in the letter.


Three people died and two were missing in Fukui after floods and landslides triggered by torrential rains over Japan's northern coastal areas since mid-July.


At the peak of the rain damage, some 9,141 people had to flee their homes in Fukui, an official said.


Fukui intends to put the funds toward disaster relief and will not go further to try to identify the sender, a spokeswoman said.

"For instance" is not proof.


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