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Slip Mats! I had to know….

Dave Bryce

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I was curious to know how much of a diffference I could hear between a disc sitting directly on my (Rega) glass turntable or on a mat.  Been going back and forth between the glass and a wool one I had here, and it started to feel to me like there really was a discernible difference between the two.  Exactly what you’d expect - wool was a bit warmer, glass seemed to yield some more definition…but there was a small part of me that wondered how much was my desire to hear a difference coupled with my preconceptions….and I think the wool makes things more staticky, so I wanted to try a few other types.


I did a bit of reading and found that a bunch of folks liked cork….so I ordered one ($20).  Right away, I could tell I didn’t love it.  Bass was bigger and looser feeling, and I thought the overall tonal balance of the records I checked out was noticeably different.  I switched back to the glass, and right away I was happier.  My (non-audiophile) wife could hear it, too (in all fairness, she does have killer ears).  She first noticed the transient on the picked bass (Linda Ronstadt’s “Blue Bayou”) as being way more defined on the glass than it was on the cork mat.


So, I did a bit more reading, and it sounded like I needed to listen to a Silicon/rubber mat to get the whole picture…so I ordered one ($15).


I’m here to tell you - for me and my taste, that’s the one.  Top end opened up deliciously, bass became more coherent and tight while still nice and warm, overall tonal balance was superb.  Kinda in the neighborhood of the glass, but much better.


Very happy now. ☺️


Would love to hear about other folks experiences with this.



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