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Thoughts on Drum Racks


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I tried searching, but drum and rack way too many hits and drumrack has none, so maybe this hasn't been discussed before? Anyway, curious about thoughts on using a drum rack for toms and some or all cymbals instead of separate stands and BD mounts. Seems like racks aren't used as much as they used to be by pro's ten or twenty years ago, but that may be subjective. Has anyone tried using these? Love or hate them? Are they in or out? Home or studio only? Touring only? Special purpose? Thoughts?

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I've found racks work great for home/studio setups that mainly stay in place. They keep floor clutter down and leave room for mic stands, etc.


I don't like racks live, mainly because they aren't easy to transport. Sure there is less to assemble, but you gotta get that thing to the gig.


Currently, I use 4 cymbals and one rack tom live - all mounted on just 2 heavy-duty stands. Tom/crash/splash on one to the left of the kick and ride/crash on one to my right. The stands are partially assembles in the rack case and my setup is pretty efficient.


If you have more toms, maybe a rack would be better?

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On 9/13/2022 at 6:40 PM, Brian McConnon said:

🤯 Gotta post a pic - I must see this of what you speak!!! 

Sorry, just saw this. Bad time to show a picture but I am going to do it anyway. I had everything split into two kits and now I am trying to merge them back together, thus, the big mess. The more I work on it, the worse it seems to get. I am trying to accomplish three things. 1. Main position: almost have that finished. Still have the two drums in the chair to mount somewhere and fit in my SP-10. It is old, but good for sound effects like gongs and chimes. 2. Spin right: be able to play the SP-30 which has a KD-9 connected, driven by a second double bass pedal. You can barely see part of that KD-9 in this picture. 3. More cow bell: find a way to fit the second KD-9 at my left foot so I can use it to play cowbell with my foot. Normally I play cowbell with the small tom above and left of the snare. By the way, that V-drum is a prop from the movie The 40 Year Old Virgin. I never watched the movie. Don't think many people did because I got it pretty cheap on Ebay. No one but me bid.


Anyway, there we are. 3 bass drums, snare, 7 toms mounted and 2 in the chair waiting for their spot, hi-hat, 4 cymbals mounted and one in the floor next to the main bass drum. SPD-30 and the SPD-10 that is not shown. There is actually a couple more toms around that I am giving to the church. I need to get rid of some brains. I'm using an TD-30. Have a TD-20X and TD-8 connected to Zendrums.



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