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I have this coffee mug, tall.. it has a cover that has a slide thing on it.. I popped off the slide to clean it and hurt my thumb, no big deal.. so I dry it with a napkin andsee brown.. thought it was chocolate from the cup, but then I saw red.. I checked my thumb and theres this layer of skin ripped and im bleeding O_O damn.. how am I gonna play my instruments :( I was jus gonna begin writing too!
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Quote from Steve Harris, MD (not the bass player from Iron Maiden):


"Superglue was used by trauma surgeons in Vietnam to glue the edges

of lacerated livers together (ever try to SEW liver?). Works great.

It also works perfectly fine in normal skin wounds, and is non-toxic.

The only reason it hasn't been approved by the FDA for this purpose is

that the studies would cost millions, and who's going to pay them?

Superglue has long since passed off-patent.


I work occasionally at a private research lab which does

experimental surgical research on animals. In dogs, we had a lot of

problem with oozing and infection at sites where arterial catheters

were left in. Now we superglue them and all that problem is gone. The

glue doesn't interfere with healing, and it seals excellently. It is

as resistent to abscessing as staples, and seals far better. For

wounds in animals which have been anticoagulated, it's a godsend.

Survival animals which have catheters pulled later suffer no ill

effects, and the wounds heal fine."

"For instance" is not proof.


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Originally posted by Philip O'Keefe:

No, he's not joking... Stevie Ray Vaughn used to superglue his callouses back on all the time after he'd rip them off from playing so hard with super heavy gauge strings.

Yep - it works good for that! Also I'd put some superglue on my 'pickin' fingernails when I was rockin out on 4 sets every other night... :thu:
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Originally posted by nursers:

It's also great if you have diarrhoea - just superglue everything shut then no problem :thu:

Of course if you have it REALLY bad, it's just a matter of time until you start throwing up something you'd rather not... :eek:;):D
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I understand that superglue is now FDA approved. When my mom fell last year, they thought she might have broken her back and were probably going to glue it, but the film came back negative. I think they used glue on my recent incision - there are no suture marks and the cut was 4" long. When we removed the gauze after a couple days, there was a line of strips of tape across the incision, but no obvious stiches. You can bet that the solution used in hospitals has a different price structure than that found on hardware shelves.



He not busy being born

Is busy dyin'.


...Bob Dylan

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