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Drums/Piano/Hammond trio! (from Gerry Gibbs' "Songs From My Father")

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I am listening more carefully these days Gerry Gibbs' terrific album "Songs From My Father"
(4 different trios play in this album, one of them containing one of the last Chick Corea performances)


What surprised me is the fact that one of the trios is drums/piano/hammond 


Gerry Gibbs: Drums
Patrice Rushen: Piano
Larry Goldings: Hammond B3


(just check tracks 2,8 from Disk 1 and 1,5,8 from disk 2 )


I don't remember having listened such a trio before and it works well I think. Has anyone heard something similar?



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This is great! Not surprising that any band with Larry and Patrice together would sound great! It is a great concept for a trio.


I seem to remember at least one track on a recent Dr. Lonnie Smith album that featured piano, I think Robert Grasper maybe?


Wayne Horvitz had a band in Seattle called Shuffle Boil with Wayne playing Rhodes and synths, Joe Doria on Hammond, Tim Young on guitar, and I can't recall the drummer. Cool band, saw them live a number of times, but I don't think they recorded.

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