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Help identify SK1-73 small broken white plastic piece (Fatar TP/80 keybed)

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Hi Folks,

I just bought and received a used Hammond SK1-73. When I unpacked it there was a small broken-off white plastic hook-like piece wedged in front of the A6 key. I retrieved it with needle nose pliers. Pics are attached.


I have not been able to find any detailed diagrams of the Fatar TP/80 keybed or individual keys to see if the broken-off piece came from one of the white keys (and I haven’t opened up the SK1-73 as of yet).


? Does anyone by chance know where this small white plastic piece came from in an SK1-73 (Fatar TP/80) and what its function was?







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I agree that it is probably a part of the key: more than likely a throw away part of the mold that wasn’t removed in build process is my guess/opinion. 

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Ok, I think I figured out what broke off from one of the SK1-73 white keys and also the specific key.

Attached is an image of the Fatar TP/80 key mechanism (finally found a semi-detailed diagram) with a circle around what likely broke off.

And also a vid of the C6 key making a "ting" sound (no other keys make that sound).


The C6 key still triggers notes ok, but it does physically sound like the return spring is doing something funny. 



Does this missing hook-like piece make that C6 key prone to failure, or is it just a (sonic) aesthetic thing? 







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Btw I just figured out that the part name of the Fatar keybed is TP/8O (with "O" as in "Organ") and NOT TP/80 (as in the number 80 "eighty").


I still have not located a source for a TP/8O "C" replacement key. 




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Just to close the loop on this...

I finally opened up the SK1-73 today (it does NOT match the SK1 Service Manual diagrams that I have wrt removing the Top Cover - small "L" bracket vs two "L" channels) and discovered that it actually was the low-F key that had that small plastic piece broken off from it (pics attached). The "ting" sound on the C6 key (that I though was the problem key) was just something funny with the return spring and after I reseated the C6 spring the "ting" went away.


Hammond Tech Support and Hammond Central were both very helpful in locating a replacement key, but in the end, since it's the low-F on the keyboard (and it looked like I might have to remove the keybed to pop-out the key), I decided to just leave the low-F key as it is (it produces sound ok).


Anyways, thanks for all the replies.





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