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Roger Hodgson's tone on Bloody Well Right

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Been listening to Supertramp a lot recently. And when I say a lot, I literally mean every single day.


So, I knew Roger Hodgson was a good guitarist. And I knew he used a Fender Strat during his Supertramp tenure, but does anyone know what amps/pedals he used back then? I have read that he used a Music Man 212 amp but I really don't remember.


But I really enjoy his edgy playing on Bloody Well Right.




Does anyone know the pedal that Roger Hodgson uses to get that sickly, distorted tone? Being from 74 my guess is that he used either a Dunlop pedal, a Maestro Phase Shifter or a Boss chorus pedal. I also hear a lot of Leslie speaker usage, so it might be the Leslie speaker creating that tone. It's a very good tone--reminds me of the way Rory Gallagher used to play, as he also used a lot of cool pedals and effects on his Strat.


But if anyone knows what pedals/amps Roger Hodgson used back then I would like to know.

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It sounds like he is playing a Strat through a Marshall, turned up good and loud. A pretty fair amount of the thinness of some parts is probably just using the bridge pickup alone and the presence and treble turned well up. 


It sounds to me like the wah pedal in the beginning is a Morley, those had a huge range of bandpass filtering, a clinical tone and were obnoxious as hell. 

I tried them in the store when I was shopping for a wah and just got a Cry Baby instead, more of a Hendrix tone. 

The modulation could be a Leslie, or a Leslie with just the horn mic'ed up. The speed is slow, very slow. Could be a pulleyy mod or it might be a pedal, I'd guess Electro-Harmonix, one of their early phasers or flangers adjusted to sound weird and sick. 


One of my favorite Supertramp songs. They came to Fresno back in the day, the tickets sold out quickly so they added another show and that sold out. I didn't get a ticket in time, so it goes. 

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