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You don't see these come up too often...

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So cool.


For someone with the time, knowledge and funds that restoration project could be a labor of love.

Kurzweil Forte 7, PC3, PC4, Hydrasynth, Kronos 61, UltraNova, Rhodes, Clavinet D6, MiniMoog, GSI Burn, ELX112Ps, SpaceStation, Assorted Weapons
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I interned at a small studio in Nashville, the owner had a bunch of midi synths for use by the two staff composers/engineers and some model of Synclavier.  It looked exactly like that, and according to him it was the first one in Nashville (fwiw).   I mainly remember learning how to load samples from the ginormous Winchester disks.  I never really did spend all that much time on it, I'll admit I spent more time playing the ESQ-1 and other synths :D

I don't think I even realized at the time that the thing was a synth, I thought it was just a way to load in and play samples!

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