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Ever played a shadow piano?

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15 hours ago, Tom Williams said:

For a moment I thought you had designed a keyboard for playing Carlos's 19 steps per octave scale.  Alas, it's only 17.


Ha ha, first thing I have thought too. There must be some strange Gamelan-like tuning which uses 17... :D

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5 hours ago, stoken6 said:

Strictly speaking, it's not all light. Some of it is dark...


Cheers, Mike.

I would agree had you not prefaced this with “strictly speaking.” It would have worked to preface it with “one could also say…” While I was playing on different meanings of the word “light” black not “dark” is opposite light in this sense. “Dark” is a relative term. Black is absolute. You could place a patch of the apparent shadow next to millions of colors and that same “shadow darkness” would appear lighter than those colors. For instance, dark red can be light red depending on what it is next to and dark gray can be light gray. Gray is another relative term. Gray only appears gray when next to certain colors. Light is additive. The absence of any light is 100% black. Any color in the light spectrum refers to a section of the light spectrum not a space absent of light thus “dark” anything is as much a color as anything other than black. So “strictly speaking” this effect is light.

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No, but I've played a few keyboards that were so close to croaking, they were limping along and coughing up goo.


You know you're boned when you hear the "Mellotron Glurp" and you're not playing a Mellotron. 😬

"Weaponized kindness" is my new
    ambient drone band name.
       ~ Rob Neschizza

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