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US based Gig opportunity (preferably West Coast based)

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Hi cats!

From 2010 to 2014 I was the touring and recording keyboardist for blues / Americana and Grammy nominee Janiva Magness. I left the band at the end of 2014 for myriad reasons, mostly at the behest of my wife who was tired of being a single mom to our three young daughters. Now that my daughters are older, I've been going out on the road more and more with various Detroit based acts. Last year I started doing some dates with Janiva again and right now I'm finishing up a week long Midwest tour with her.

She has a lot more dates coming in but I cannot do them all. She's looking for someone to "augment the bench", so to speak. The material is very organ-centric but also piano, Wurlitzer, and a little bit of clav. The ability to sing backup vocals in the upper baritone range is a plus. And she's prefer someone on the West Coast, since she is based in LA and rehearsals would be in LA.

I can't tell you how many dates per year it will be, but I do know she has a fairly busy late July / early August coming up that I cannot cover. I'd say probably a week or more of shows in Portland, Seattle, etc and going up into Canada (so yeah... passport necessary as well). And some stuff in June as well.


If this is something that might interest you, please PM me. Or if you know of someone on the West Coast that might be interested, PM me or put them in touch with me. She has a new album out on June 24th that I played on and it's really fun; great songs (not just I IV V blues) and production. It's an enjoyable gig. I have everything charted out, so learning the tunes shouldn't be a problem.

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I am neither available, nor in the West Coast, nor anywhere in the required league, but I can confirm that Jim's performances with JM (posted here all those years ago) are great, and this sounds like a fun and satisfying gig to have.


Cheers, Mike.

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Went to hear Janiva and band in Lyons, CO; 2010, IIRC.  Great group, and had a lot of fun hanging with you, Jim. Looks like some capable, west-coast hands are checking this out. If I was based out there, it'd be very tempting..


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Jim is a tough act to follow, not just his slick keyboard playing, but his also his singing!


To me, one of the big attractions of the JM band is that despite falling in the "blues" category, they are so much more than that.  It's cool to see a band that clearly comes from the blues but refuses to be pigeon-holed.

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Jim, as you know I've seen you play with Janiva. That gig is no joke. Blues of the highest level. Have you thought about asking Carey? I would throw my hat in the ring but even I really don't think I have the chops for it, especially singing wise.

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20 hours ago, Bobadohshe said:

Have you thought about asking Carey?

See, this is why I hang out on this forum. People just casually kicking around "oh man, I can't sub for you on that gig, but maybe that Carey Frank guy could handle it?" 😮

Samuel B. Lupowitz

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I've always thought this would be a cool gig. I'm on the wrong coast, though.

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