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Any PC AND Mac Gurus out there?

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I have a question that hopefully someone can answer. I have a DVD+R disc that was made on a PC (4+ Megs worth of files). I stuck it in my G4 Mac's DVD drive and I get a window that says:


This disk is unreadable by this computer. Do you want to initialize the disk?


At the bottom of the window it has a selection for "Format" and has the options of Mac OS standard, Mac OS Extended ,and Universal Disk Format. They are all listed as 308.4MB.


The only other thing in this popup window is either to initialize, or eject. I chose eject. :o


I know I can read CDRs that were made on PCs on this Mac. How can I go about reading this DVD+R? Is it possible?


Thanks for any help!

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hi Sunny, thanks for the quick reply. I have a Pioneer DVR-106BK DVD drive. I found a PDF "brochure" that lists it can read the DVD+R discs, but some of the other documents I think omitted this disc type. I wonder if that's the problem?


Here's the page with some info:


Pioneer DVD drive

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