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Oberheim teaser #2

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2 hours ago, Spider76 said:

Black and gray panel...it most definitely looks like that Ob-X reissue the web has been talking about since Dave trademarked the name.


I agree.

I hope they´ll treat this very basic synth architecture to some great "extras" (like more LFOs and 1 more ENV, both w/ independent modulation routing abilities) while maintaining the fat tone of the vintage OB-X.



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I was kinda hoping it’s something a little different…or something a little more. I’m so impressed with Gforce’s OB-E that I feel pretty content already getting that OB sound. Only thing l need to do now is get my new midi twisters & nakedboards faderbox to work with these softsynths for control. But ya, I get the whole hardware synth thing, but am still hoping it’s different enough to justify what I’m sure will not be a small price tag.

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