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Cherry Audio - Hardware or Software Challenge

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I saw that. haven't tried it yet. Have you taken it? How did you do?

I'm stuck on a Wi-Fi hotspot with a cheap, slow phone. It won't play for me here, will have to go to my gutted condo and try it. 


Cherry Audio makes really nice plugins, I have a few. I woud not be surprised if it was impossible to choose for certain. You still have a 50% chance of being wrong, right? 😁

It took a chunk of my life to get here and I am still not sure where "here" is.
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Only on the phone speaker to play back.  Ill give it a go with headphones later.  My gut feeling is that where side by side and synth, same patch was possible to discern maybe 10 years ago, this will be difficult.  The software is in fact “good enough”.  

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The "Challenge 1 - 6" (hardware vs software) sound differences are very subtle,- almost.

I´ve found the hardware in 4 of the 6 Challenges, but when I did, I wasn´t sure at all.


The CA plugins sound really good and are very close to the hardware,- at least for the hearing of an aged pro musician using AKG and Audio Technika cans, as well as Tannoy, Alesis and Presonus monitor speakers.


I´m now using MG-1 Plus, VM Nucleus w/ the 900 series MOOG modules, CA 2600, Quadra, Polymode, Memorymode, Eightvoice, DCO 106 and Stardust 201 and I´m happy w/ these.


I wasn´t convinced by "Dreamsynth" because I hoped to replace  my D550 w/ it, but that didn´t happen and I´ve found no way to import user waveforms.

It also needed parallel filters and VCAs,- one for each of the dual waveform OSCs,- to create something identical to a 90s Roland type "TONE".

So I wait what upcoming updates might offer.


I´m curious what comes next in may.

I hope for Jupiter-8, OB-Xa/ OB-8 and a Prophet next future.


Trying to avoid the big Arturia collections,- I don´t need that much bundled and coming w/ the target buying sound sets.

Especially the "vintage" sampler emulations like E2, Synclavier and Fairlight don´t make sense when you´re unable importing your old discs/ HDD content.


And uHe Repro is so CPU hungry as a polyphonic version, while Sonic Projects OP-XPro II introduced graphic issues resulting in clicks and pops already on my Win7 Pro DAW machine and discontinued MIDI PrgChange w/ VST3.


I highly appreciate Cherry Audio still supporting MIDI Program Changes while most other manufacturers ditch ´em w/ VST3 only.

So, I hope for more great vintage emulations by CA !





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I haven't taken the challenge yet. What I discovered when I bought CA's 8-Voice is that I just didn't like it. It may be a balls-on recreation but to me it was harsh and unpleasant. I opened it once, ran through the presets, fiddled with programming a bit and closed it. Haven't opened it since. I wish them well. u-he is some tough competition. 


9 Moog things, 3 Roland things, 2 Hammond things and a computer with stuff on it



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