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How wide should Z stand be open for 41" in wide keyboard?

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Hello, I just got a Z Stand (Onstaage 7530)- it is adjustable from 21"-36"- about how wide should it be open for the Korg Nautilus 61". 

I was going to do about 30" but was  wondering if there is any advantage to opening it as wide as I can.


I noticed on my X stands I have used in the past they go 28" wide and I have used that for 61 and 88's.

Thank you in advance for your help

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If it has rubber feet, Korg must have felt this is the right spot for stability. Place your Z stand arms just inside or just outside of the feet.  

If not, 1062 mm converted to 41.811 inches / 6 = 6.9685 inches.  Rounding up for expedience, let’s say 7 inches in from the left and right edge of the instrument.  Play it, and see if it wabbles.  Bump into it, see if it shimmies.  Push down on the left edge and see if it lifts the right side.  Push down on the right side and see if it lifts the left.  If not, 👍. If so, go wider or narrower till it doesn’t. 

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