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Found a Bob Moog interview going through old tapes...

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Remember the show "The Screen Savers" on TechTV?  Remember TechTV?  With the goal of opening up some cubic feet inside my house I've been transferring VHS tapes to the laptop.  Found this one from 2004.  The tape is quite worn in spots and so is my vcr.  But I was able to cut and reassemble the interview to the best of my ability and attention span.  



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9 Moog things, 3 Roland things, 2 Hammond things and a computer with stuff on it



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This was really nice to watch.  Such a humble guy, his words makes me appreciate my (analog) instruments so much more when I hear him talk about the inexplicable "spiritual" connection between the player and an instrument...

Electro 5, NI Kontrol S61/49, MX49, PC3, Rev2, Prologue, Pro3, Juno-DS, Mopho Keys, SE02, drums, tons of synth software, guitars, amps, and pedals...help me!!

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