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Yamaha P125 audio interface level


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Can you adjust the level of the audio interface in a p125, other than the master volume slider? On a cp88, there is a separate “usb volume “ adjustment. I am on a session and using the p125 with mainstage…the level is quite low. Thanks!

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Nicky,  I’ve gone through the manual - for USB info they direct you to an alternate manual about their iOS/macOS connectivity.  No, I do not believe there is physical control of audio volume coming  into the P125 over USB.  

In your situation I would probably use the Mac’s 3.5” audio out to a direct box and handle volume from MainStage and AudioMIDI Setup.  That said, you may indeed have control of audio volume to/from the Yamaha USB driver in AudioMIDISetup (located in the Applications/Utilities folder, though I’m sure you know that already).  


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