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Another "ID This" thread -- for a Hammond

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I can't claim any expertise, but I have spent time in Chicago where you are expected to be able to carry on a conversation about architecture, Italian beef sandwiches and Hammond organs. Maybe an E112?


good picture found over here:


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The E-312 looks very similar but this is an E-112. The only visual difference is there are two less stop tabs on the left side of the 312. Here is Pink Floyd with an E-312:


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E series are tonewheels with diving board keys  They are a tough sell but some people like them:


Model E-100

Production Years: Jun 1965 to 1969

Cabinet Size: 48x26x48 (WHD, inches without bench), 410lbs with bench and pedals.

Finish: Walnut, Mahogany

Manuals: Swell and great, 61 playing keys each. 25-note detachable pedal board.

Controls: One set of drawbars for each manual, 27 control tablets, 5 percussion voices, brush effect and cymbal, harp sustain and 'vibrato celeste'.

Features: 79 tonewheel generator, photocell Expression pedal, straight and reverb tube amps, some solid state for features (pedal frequencies derived from a monophonic two stage divider). E100 - pre-voiced percussions, Harp Sustain and manual rhythm (Cymbal and Brush)
E200 - Institutional version of E-100 with locking top, presets and stops adapted for liturgical music, no rhythm, fewer percussions
E300 - Stripped-down version of E-100, no Harp Sustain, no rhythm
Styles: E-111 Traditional in Mahogany
E-112 Traditional in Walnut
E-133 French Provincial in Cherry
E-143 Early American in Cherry
E-182 Italian Provincial in Walnut
E-262 Institutional in Walnut
E-265 Institutional in Oak
E-311 Traditional in Mahogany
E-312 Traditional in Walnut
E-333 French Provincial in Cherry
E-343 Early American in Cherry
E-382 Italian Provincial in Walnut



"Danny, ci manchi a tutti. La E-Street Band non e' la stessa senza di te. Riposa in pace, fratello"






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